Our TATS pilot project has been inspired by the relentless piling of traffic accidents and loss of life. With a commitment to extending our services to victims of traffic accidents we have identified the relevant resources and funding to permit us to offer emotional support to persons traumatized by road accidents.

The Service offers postvention support through: Individual, Group and/or Family therapy, Psychiatry and practical support through our TLO (Trauma Liaison Officer).

Once your intake appointment has been handled, a tailormade treatment plan will be cocreated with you. If you are struggling with the shock of what you have experienced, you will first be referred to a TLO who will work towards ensuring that you grow able to manage your basic physiological needs including, food, shelter and safety. If you are in a state of trauma or shock you might need support to also manage lifestyle responsibilities including contacting work, school, making funeral arrangements or even accessing other important services.

Once you are stable enough, in line with the TLO’s assessment and treatment plan, you will be referred to Psychotherapy in order to delve more deeply into the psychological and emotional issues that have been triggered by the incident. The modalities of individual and group therapy engaged in this service include Systemic, DBT, Gestalt and/or Counselling. Family therapy is aimed at helping to initiate and to catalyze a healing process that will enable you and your loved ones to accept changes in both your individual and family existence.

Emphasizes maintenance of well-being and can include referral to Group Work that can further support the practical and deeper work done.

*Psychiatry can be provided throughout the three phases and referral is made on a needs basis.

TATS Pilot project will run throughout 2024 and is sponsored by

If you are interested in partnering up with VSM to provide your team with Emotional Support sessions, workshops, seminars or team building events. Please do contact us on info@victimsupport.org.mt so that we can provide you with a tailor-made package.

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