Group 8

Care for Victims Of Sexual Assault

Rape and Sexual Assault, the prevention and postvention of which, are vital to our organisation. We are hugely invested in speaking up on behalf of all victims of rape.


All our outreach efforts involve making appearances on the local media, social media and in-person talks to schools, the private sector as well as involving ourselves with other NGOs and entities that can contribute along with us to the reduction of Rape or the support of victims of Rape. Our mission is to educate and empower the community in the hope that we can reduce the number of rapes and sexual assaults on our islands.


All our service providers are Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Family therapists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists. The service for CVSA can start as early as upon reporting to the police or at Mater Dei whereby one of our crises workers (service provided 24/7) will be called in to hand-hold the victim. This service is crucial to ensure the dignity of the victim throughout the first steps of this process. Victims are provided with a crises bag where they have basic necessities to ensure that their practical needs in hospital are covered.

CVSA services are not only open to those who have recently experienced a sexual assault. Our doors are also open to people who have experienced this trauma historically and are still impacted and traumatised by the event(s). Contact us on to set your intake appointment.

We welcome all victims of rape and sexual assault even if there is a decision to not report to the police. We are currently also funding all legal costs related to sexual assault and rape related to adult clients.

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