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Supporting Positive Impact on the community & Environment

SPICE is a service developed in 2018 as an ancillary to VSM’s other services. Through SPICE, trained and experienced team members provide psycho-educational training workshops and seminars in both the educational and corporate fields against a donation to the NGO. 

Workshops and seminars available to students:

45/60min workshops aimed at generating and integrating an understanding of how to identify and prevent victimization.

*More titles are developed regularly so please do get in touch to discuss topics and tailor-made support.

Corporate support:

Through a partnership with VSM, your team will be able to available itself of individual therapeutic sessions with warranted counsellors and psychotherapists to cope with the exigencies of demanding lifestyles and careers.

A team workshop geared towards highlighting tools the team can adopt in order to experience their work life more positively.

This is a workshop geared towards conflict prevention. By addressing different approaches to communication and clarification this workshop aims at participants having the necessary take-aways to prevent conflict in the place of work. In cases where postvention is required, we develop tailormade conflict resolution workshops in order to help facilitate positive outcomes, conclusion and closure.

A workshop inspired by the growing pressures to perform perfectly in line with the fictitious standards set by social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook. This workshop aims at supporting teams and individuals to recognize the signs of burnout, provides tools to cope with symptoms and develop mechanisms to prevent overwhelm.

Leveraging our expertise in supporting victims of harassment and assault, we offer unparalleled insights to help your company foster a safer, more inclusive sexual harassment policy. Our tailored approach ensures your policies not only comply with regulations but also reflect your commitment to employee well-being. Elevate your workplace culture with us.

*More titles are developed regularly so please do get in touch to discuss topics and tailor-made support.

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