Supporting Positive Impact on the Community and Environment Service (SPICE)
At VSM, we are constantly striving to create services that are needed by the community, campaign for awareness on a variety of topics, reduce stigma to mental health and support others. Through SPICE, we undertake a number of Projects and offer other services to better the community.
Current Projects:
If you are looking for a project partner and would like to get in touch to collaborate, contact us on info@victimsupport.org.mt.
Other Services under SPICE:
– Employee Support Programmes for Workplaces (ESP)
– Talks and Workshops for Schools by providing psycho-educational training to students on a variety of topics
– Training and Workshops for Workplaces by providing psycho-educational formal or non-formal workshops on a variety of topics. Various options will be provided and the training will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.
– Support Groups
Interested? Contact us now!
Interested parties areĀ invited to get in touch with VSM on info@victimsupport.org.mt, by calling the office or contacting us through our Social Media Platforms should they wish to know more about these services.