Group 12

Suicide Prevention Outreach and Therapeutic Services

SPOT provides support to people who have been affected by suicide as well as people who struggle with suicidal ideation. This is not a suicide crisis intervention however we do on-board anyone who has attempted suicide three months prior to intake and wants to sustain prevention of suicidality.


People who have been affected by suicide often suffer in silence. This is a complex grief that can easily go unaddressed. We are here to help through individual, family and group work depending on your needs and availability. We will support you even with your basic needs, including any letter writing, addressing of base issues like work, school. Before we refer you to therapy, we will ensure that your basic needs are being addressed. We are not in a rush, your recovery will be worked with at your pace.

We also work tirelessly to help clients manage their suicidal ideation to a point in which they can function in society by engaging with life affirming behaviours

Our team on SPOT includes Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Family Therapists as well as Psychiatrists and Social workers. At intake you will be evaluated and the best professional will be matched to your needs. If you are already being seen by a psychiatrist or therapist, we will liaise with them and we will develop a holistic approach to caring for your recovery. Contact us on to set your intake appointment.

This is not a crisis service

We at Victim support Malta focus on long term recovery,

If you are in a crisis kindly call 112!

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