About Us

Victim Support Malta (VSM) is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation which provides support and assistance to victims of crime, such as theft, burglary, cyber crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, physical assault and hate crime. The services provided by VSM include the provision of emotional support to assist victims in overcoming trauma following a crime; information and support pertaining to the relative criminal procedures (e.g. the victims’ right to request compensation and to access forms of protection provided by the law); and practical assistance (e.g. liaison with the police, or other ancillary matters).


The VSM Team

Our team consists of a small group of dedicated people. We work together to provide the best possible services to our clients. Most of our interns (therapists, legal, research and other) and emotional support volunteers are students on placement or professionals who want to give back. All our Staff and Interns receive specialised training and supervision, and are offered several opportunities for personal development.


Julianne Grima – Executive Chairperson
Karl Grech – Director
Karin Cassar – Head of SPOT
Kyra Borg – Head of CVSA
Michaela Cassar – Executive Administrator
Charlotte Portelli – Projects Manager


If you’re interested in Get Involved with VSM, do get in touch via Facebook page or email!