Therapeutic Support for Victims of Crime

Our core services are available to all victims of all crime, this includes domestic violence, arson, robbery, physical assault, cyber-crime, fraud, hate crime and hate speech, human trafficking and stalking to mention a few.

Our CORE services are delivered to individuals aged 16+ via psychological intervention and legal information. Our team is populated by a vast array of professionals including Psychotherapists, Counsellors, EMDR therapists, DBT, Family Therapists, Psychiatrists and more. In order to receive these services, clients are advised to make contact to set that first intake appointment (link to info@victimsupport.org.mt). A crime does not have to be recent or reported to the police in order for you to access our services. If you are still feeling traumatised by the event, no matter how long ago it occurred, you are entitled to our support.

Through our collaboration with the media and funding for awareness campaigns, we strive to address relevant community- based issues by advocating for prevention. We spend time giving talks in schools and the private sector to support the community to prevent the possibility of experiencing a crime or suicidality as well as defining our services for post vention. Our outreach programme is aimed both at prevention and generating awareness around the support available.

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