Training Materials

Our Together against Bullying project aims to enhance knowledge about bullying and promote best practices among teachers, parents and peers mentors, through specialized training. The project involves presentations for primary and secondary school assemblies, training sessions for teachers and parents, as well as classroom trainings for students.


Presentations and trainings are intended to be both informative and interactive. One of the core objectives is of familiarizing audiences with the newly developed SWAP. strategy, considered as an essential tool to empower those who are being bullied, as well as bystanders, to take control of the situation and seek support.


The assembly presentations, which are half an hour each, are intended to give a general overview of bullying in Maltese schools, as well as to urge students to reflect on what ‘bullying’ is, whether they have been/ are being bullied or have bullied/are bullying others themselves. The assembly training also aims to facilitate exploration of the potential short-term and long-term consequences of leaving bullying behaviour unaddressed.


The classroom presentations, which are approximately 40-45 minutes long, are more comprehensive and practical in nature. They are designed to be delivered over 6-10 lessons, where children engage in a number of different learning activities, all of which are experiential, practical and fun.


The parent training aims to provide parents with tips and strategies to support their children in tackling bullying, as well as generating awareness and providing information on bullying. Likewise, teacher training seeks to provide an opportunity and a space for teachers to consider their role in addressing bullying in the classroom/school environment.


The SWAP psycho-social strategy, along with the overall training package, was developed by psychological training consultant Cher Engerer, on behalf of Victim Support. If you are interested in learning more about our training packages and/or would be interested in running the trainings in your school, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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