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What is Project Watch Out?


Project Watch Out, Project WO for short, is a community crime prevention scheme in the form of Neighborhood Watch, similar to those successfully established in the UK, US and Australia. It offers a solution to combat rising crime rates at the local level.

Be the change you want to see in your community by joining forces with your neighbours to ensure that your town is protected.


What does Project WO entail?

Project WO is divided into two phases.


Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of specialized training by a foreign expert in neighborhood watch. This phase has already been completed, where UK foreign expert,  Lianne Taylor, delivered training to Victim Support Malta staff, local council representatives, other local NGOs, and the Malta police Force.


Phase 2

This training will now be passed on to volunteers from different localities in Malta, to provide them with the adequate tools to address concerns and solve issues in their very own localities.

Would you like to ensure that the area you live in is protected? Would you like to see crime rate in your locality decrease? If so, be a dutiful citizen, join your neighbours and become a volunteer. Call us or send an email with your name, surname and locality. We will then be in touch.


 Email or call 2122 8333 to be part of Project WO today.

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What would my role involve?



Being part of Project WO is easy, yet extremely beneficial to you and your community.

  • Become an Active Member of your Community: If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, say something!
  • Join the Conversation: Take the initiative and set up public meetings to discuss what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • Get to Know Your Community: Knowing your neighbors will set your mind at ease when you leave your house unattended. Feel secure knowing that your community is built on a foundation of trust among neighbours.


Join now. Send an email to or call 2122 8333


This project is funded by the Social Impact Awards

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VSM thanks ICON and PWC for their support.





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