VOCIARE (2019)

PROJECT VOCIARE (Victims of Crime Implementation Analysis of Rights in Europe) 


Objectives: VOCIARE aims to assess the implementation of the Victims’ Rights Directive, including analysing the transposition of the Directive into national law and mapping the relevant authorities who specialise in victim support.

The project looks at statistics, academic literature on the topic of victims’ rights, media reports on the subject, relevant NGO research, and academic and government reports.

In addition to the desk research, the methodology used to conduct the research consisted of an online survey and 4 semi-structured interviews. The online survey was completed by police, prosecutors, judges and court staff, policy makers and victim support organisations. The semi-structured interviews focused on victim support workers, law enforcement, justice practitioners and policy officials.   


Partners: APAV (Portugal), VSE (Belgium), Tilburg University (Netherlands), Brottsoffermyndigheten (Sweden), Weisser Ring (Germany).


Duration: The research was conducted over a period of six months, with the final report completed in July 2018.