Supporting victim of terrorist acts of violence (2007-2008)

Victim Support Malta was one of the partners in a European Union project on supporting victims of terrorist acts of violence.


The main aim of the project was to improve the support to terrorist victims by promoting the exchange of knowledge, development of supporting abilities (psychological and juridical) and of cooperation between the professionals and organisation of victim support in the European Union and national police forces.


Project partners contribute towards strengthened cooperation, promoting the development of networks or organisations that represent victims on a European level.


The researchers in Portugal, Malta and other project countries, participated in regular meetings and roundtables to discuss and compare research and share best practice. They will also undertook specific research on behalf of the group as and when required.


The project was intended to have four main outcomes. First, to attain a more exact notion of the current standing and treatment of victims of terrorism; secondly, to establish a set of best practices in this field; next, to disseminate the results of the reflection as well as the conclusions in order to contribute to the implementation of those best practices; and finally, develop and improve the skills of professionals working directly with victims of terrorist acts and family.