Strengthening Crime-Prevention Amongst EU Member States (2011-2013)

Victim Support Malta strongly believes that prevention is better than cure, and therefore, a strong and coordinated approach towards crime prevention is indeed required.  At the time when the project was developed, Malta lacked a crime prevention strategy, and it was felt that action in this regard is required.  To this end, Victim Support Malta developed a project called Strengthening Crime-Prevention Amongst EU Member States focusing on this topic.


The project involved organising an event for Victim Support organisations based in various EU member states,  in order to discuss the topic of Crime Prevention and establish cooperation on crime prevention on an EU level.


Participants were involved in informal workshops and informal working dinners with the aim of encouraging active participation from all the participants. This project outlined the theoretical perspective on crime prevention,  which  served as the general introduction of the event.


A main aim of this project was to enable analysis of EU policies which focus on crime prevention, such as the Framework decision on Crime Prevention, and the Communication from the European Commission on Crime Prevention. Another main aim of this project was for the participants to establish a strong relationship, and this was achieved, inter alia, through the sharing of good practices between participants, identifying best practices and development of recommendations.


More information about the project can be obtained via our project website  Amongst the project deliverables, one can find the project report , which can be downloaded from the website.