Project VinE (2007-2009)

Project Victims in Europe (VinE) investigated the Standing of Victims of Crime in Criminal Proceedings in the 27 EU Member States and was co-financed by the European Commission under the Directorate General on Freedom, Security and Justice. The project was promoted by APAV on behalf of Victim Support Europe in close cooperation with Intervict – the Intermational Victimilogy Institute in Tilburg. Victim Support Malta contributed as partners and formed part of the research team in the Core Group.


Project VinE started on 1st of December 2007 and had a duration of 2 years. It aimed to provide the European Commission and other interested parties with a fuller and more comparative picture of the effects of the Council Framework Decision on the Standing of Victims in Criminal Proceedings (2001/220/JAI) in the legislation of the 27 Member States and on the practical support to victims of crime.


The compliance with the Framework Decision was reviewed by means of two surveys: one explored the legal implementation and another the organisational implementation. Besides the important outcomes of the project concerning the present status of the implementation of the Framework Decision in the 27 Member States, the report raised national governmental awareness regarding necessary improvements in the position of victims of crime.


Project VinE delivered a rich portrait of the standing of victims across the European Union to the European Commission, but also to Member States and organisations active within the field of victims of crime.


The study is available for viewing and download in PDF format at