Project T@LK (2017)

Project T@LK – online support for victims of crime

Objectives: to raise awareness about the possibilities of the online support for victims of crime; to adapt victim support services towards the needs and expectations of victims; to make support services more accessible for victims.

Main activities: research and collection of information, best practices, benefits and suitability of online victim support, through desk-reach and a survey; development of a handbook about online support for victims of crime; study visit to a key organisation that is known for their practices in this field; development of a tool for online support and pilot implementation (Portugal, Malta and Finland); development of a focus group with victims of crime to assess if the solutions and methods used coincide with their needs; development of procedures for victim support workers about online support; development of a pilot training course for victim support workers.

Partners: Victim Support Malta (Malta), Human Rights Monitoring Institute (Lithuania), Victim Support Finland (Finland)

Associate partners: Catalan Society of Victimology (Spain) and Victim Support Europe

Project promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) and co-financed by the Justice Programme of the European Union