Project HATE NO MORE 2019

Objectives: to create tools that can help to raise awareness about hate crimes and hate speech, through the creation of multidisciplinary training that includes the victim’s perspective. More specifically, this project aims to raise awareness among the general public and potential victims, in the hope that more hate crimes will be reported and victims will access support services.

To be able to reach these objectives, several activities will be carried out, including:

  • research and the collection of information on training focusing on all forms of hate crimes and hate speech for victim support, law enforcement and judicial practitioners;
  • creation of a handbook with procedures on how to identify victims of hate crimes and hate speech and how to communicate and interact with hate crime victims, based on their needs and the crime suffered in a respectful manner;
  • production of a training manual for professionals dealing with hate crimes and hate speech victims;
  • development of training sessions on hate crime and hate speech in each partner country (Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Malta, United Kingdom, Spain) aimed at professionals that might come in contact with these victims;
  • awareness-raising campaigns.

International Partners: Judiciary Police (PJ), Public Prosecution Office (PGR), Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (Portugal); Faith Matters (United Kingdom)*; Solidarcy (Italy); Swedish Crime Victim Support (Sweden), Victim Support Austria (Austria); Spanish Confederation of Police (Spain; Victim Support Europe)

Duration: 24 months, starting on October 3rd 2016

Project promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) and co-financed by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

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