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Anyone can become a victim. It is our duty as humans to help others through the traumatic experiences they face. Victim Support Malta offers FREE support, therapy and other services to anyone who is a victim of a crime. To continue offering such services, Victim Support Malta requires large amounts of funding and it is thanks to donors that VSM can continue to provide these services.
Please Donate. Every cent counts.
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Write cheques to Victim Support Malta and contact us to guide your further.
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We provide training to both the general public and companies that have their employees’ mental well-being close to their heart. Visit our SPICE page for more information.
Victim Support Malta offers companies and other organisations an Employee Support Programme, whereby employees are provided with therapy sessions, provided at a good rate by VSM Staff. By doing so, companies will both be providing their employees with a great support programme and indirectly contributing to keeping our Free services up and running.
Victim Support Malta accepts Students at Graduate Level who are studying Law, Social Policy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology to intern with us either voluntarily or on mandatory placement.

At VSM, we offer a safe and welcoming environment for all our service users. To do so, we require certain items in kind such Refreshments and Cleaning supplies. VSM welcomes any company who would like to donate or sponsor some goods or services in kind.
There are currently no Employment Vacancies.
Victim Support Malta is constantly looking for Volunteers to further help our services improve. We need practical help such as maintenance work, office tasks and even promoting our services and fundraising. Get in touch with us to see how you can help out.
Contact us today to see if you can be a part of our organisation in any way.