Say ‘No’ to Bullying through Art

13 Jun Say ‘No’ to Bullying through Art

By Isotta Rossoni, Outreach & PR Officer

As part of our Together against Bullying campaign we launched a school competition for kids. We asked children to work together as a class to create a work of art related to the topic of bullying. In accordance with our slogan ‘Together against Bullying’, we wanted children to join forces in saying no to bullying, and do so in a creative and original way.

In the past month we received numerous submissions from over 25 schools, and selecting a winner was no easy task. Artworks were ranked on the basis of three criteria, namely creativity, originality and consistency with the theme/ our campaign.

We are pleased to announce that Classes 5.1 & 5.2 of St. Joseph Blata L-Bajda were selected as winners and Class 6.1 of San Gwann Primary B & Maya Attard, Year 4 Sunflowers, Sacred Heart Junion placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

A round of applause to all of the talented kids who participated in the competition! Check out their entries below. Very well done to all!

#TogetheragainstBullying #LetsTalk #ItsNoSecret #SWAP


grade 5s St Joseph Blata l-Bajda edited

             WINNERS – Classes 5.1 & 5.2,  St. Joseph School Blata l-Bajda Primary


2nd place – Class 6.1 Primary B, San Gwann Primary School

Maya Attard Year 4 Sunflowers Sacred Heart Junior School edited

Maya Attard, Year 4 Sunflowers, Sacred Heart Junior School



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