Safety at Home: tips for prevention

21 Aug Safety at Home: tips for prevention

By Roberta Formosa, VSM Intern

Considering that last year’s annual Crime Report published by criminologist Prof. Saviour Formosa showed that of 17,298 total offences, more than half were thefts, it is crucial to talk of prevention.

Whilst some of the following tips may appear obvious to some, they are likely to prove useful in preventing theft:

  1. Organise your home:
  • Install an alarm system or CCTV
  • Always check who it is behind the door before letting him/her in – never underestimate one’s strength to push the door open against your will
  • Having a gate can help – even the slightest sound of the gate door opening can help in indicating that someone is around your premises
  • Keep all doors and windows closed and locked, especially if you are not at home
  • Purchase blinds or curtains – do not leave the inside of your home visible to others
  • Keep all ladders, ropes and other similar tools inside of your home. If you leave them outside, they may be used to break into your own home
  • Put all valuables in a safe place – remember, even guests you invite into your home may take advantage of you and try to vandalise or steal your property!
  • Why keep jewelry and other valuable objects in the top drawer? Place your most valuable objects in the last few drawers, not the first. Anyone breaking into your home searching for valuables, might think that there is nothing of value in the whole chest of drawers, if they find nothing in the first few drawers
  1. When you are away:
  • Leave some lights on, so as to give the idea to any passerby that there is someone at home
  • Ask a neighbour you trust to pick up your mail
  • Inform the neighbours you trust that you will be away for some time and tell them to keep an eye on your property
  1. Form or join an existing Neighbourhood Watch group:
  • Neighbourhood Watch is a great way of preventing crime in the neighbourhood. It revolves around a group of people living in the same area, aiming at creating a stronger, safer and more secure environment for themselves and the people around them. With this scheme in place, the neighbourhood is less prone to criminal activity, as there are a number of people safeguarding the community, in addition to the police. (Victim Support Malta is at the moment working on ‘Project Watch Out’, which aims to deliver training in Neighbourhood Watch, in view of the future establishment of Neigbourhood Watch schemes in some localities around Malta – Click here for more information) .

To learn more about how to secure your home from a burglar’s perspective, watch this video.

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About the author: Roberta Formosa is a VSM intern aspiring to work in the field of Criminology. She is currently a second-year Criminology student at the University of Malta.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Victim Support Malta.

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