Project WO

Project Watch Out (WO) (phase 1) is a 1-year train-the-trainer project focusing on neighbourhood watch, a community based crime prevention scheme. The UK, the US, Australia have all reaped benefits in setting up similar schemes. Studies show that neighbourhood watch is valued by the community, provides reassurance to local residents, can help reduce crime, and bolsters bonds within the community and with the police.


What does Project WO entail?


In its first phase, Project WO involves recruiting a foreign expert to come to Malta to deliver specialized training in neighbourhood watch to our staff, local council representatives, other NGOs, the police. With the knowledge gained, VSM staff are expected to engage 10 local councils which are witnessing higher crime rates; recruit local residents via local councils and other organisations; and train them in neighbourhood watch. The aim is to enhance knowledge of neighbourhood watch and disseminate best practices amongst residents, that will provide the foundation for the establishment of neighbourhood watch schemes in the future.



Where are we now?


VSM staff, 5 police officers and a few local council representatives completed a neighbourhood watch training on March 13 and 14. The VSM team is currently developing a toolkit for training in local councils from June till December 2017. If you are interested in receiving training in your locality, please email


This project is funded by the Social Impact Awards

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VSM thanks ICON and PWC for their support.




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