How your business can contribute to social causes: a helping hand from 24/7 Fitness Clubs

23 Jan How your business can contribute to social causes: a helping hand from 24/7 Fitness Clubs

Victim Support Malta works hard to secure funds for its generic services for victims of crime. One of its supporters is 24/7 Fitness Clubs, a local fitness club chain.  Today, we had a chat with Tasha, the Operations Manager, to learn more about 24/7 Fitness Clubs, and why they decided to lend VSM a helping hand.

Can you tell me a bit more about 24/7 gyms?

24/7 Fitness Club chain is a family-owned business which started a few of years ago alongside Ta’ Qali Health & Fitness centre.  Given the love for fitness, health, and our interest in this industry, we decided it would be a good idea to open smaller fitness clubs in other villages and towns around Malta, which would be more accessible to clients by foot, therefore eliminating the issue of traffic after a busy day at work.  In 2013, we launched S Fitness Studio in Bugibba, and 24/7 Fitness Club in Mellieha in 2014, which both received good response.  A year later, we opened our fitness club in San Gwann,  which is the 2nd largest club of the chain after Ta’ Qali.

The company is now looking to expand in the southern part of the island.  In fact, on the 9th of January, the 1st fitness club in this area was opened in St. Lucia.

How are you supporting Victim Support Malta?

Since the first Monday of the month is the busiest and most profitable day for fitness clubs (being the day after the weekend, people are more enthusiastic to buy a gym membership and start working out!), we voluntarily decided to start donating €2 from every new membership to Victim Support Malta.

The rest of the time, the VSM charity box is left at Reception with a poster next to it encouraging clients to donate further.

Why did you decide to help VSM raise funds for its services?

The importance and value of helping those in need has always been our belief and policy.  Although there are a lot of individuals who need help, most people donate to popular and renowned charity organisations.  VSM is a small NGO, and the beauty of the services and help it offers, caught our attention.

Do you think local businesses/companies have a role to play in raising awareness about/supporting social causes? 

Yes, I believe that every individual has a role to play in helping to make the world a better place, especially businesses, which obviously have more impact on a wider range of society.  Starting by showing respect and practicing good relationships at the place of work with employees and clients is essential.  Being nice to people will eventually make this person nice to others and so on. Adverts, events and other type of promotions of social causes will help further of course.

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