Gender-Based Violence At Home: 16 Days of Activism

08 Dec Gender-Based Violence At Home: 16 Days of Activism

For some people, home is a place where they can come to and feel safe, comfortable, but for some others, home is a place where they neither feel safe nor comfortable, as the danger and harm is waiting for them there.

A lot of women and girls around the world experience gender-based violence in their home by someone they live with. This violence can be emotional, physical and sexual.

Because this violence happens by someone that they know and probably love, it is hard for women to come forward about the abuse. Not only because it is someone they want to may want to protect themselves, but also because the perpetrator may have ‘brainwashed’ them into believing that the perpetrator didn’t mean to do it, or maybe even that the victim deserves it.

This violence at home can be at any age, from young girls to elderly women. Sadly this happens because the perpetrators may have an image that females are weaker than males, and that they should do as the male says and pleases. Achieving females listening and doing things for them by getting violent with them and making them scared.

Most of this information is from Academic Impact, click here to read more on their website.

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