Gender-Based Violence In School: 16 Days of Activism

06 Dec Gender-Based Violence In School: 16 Days of Activism

Sadly but also quite shockingly, gender-based violence can also happen at school.
What may start small and as a joke, can end up making girls feel unsafe and unhappy at their school. What makes even a bigger shock is that it sometimes can already start at elementary school or middle school.

What could be seen as gender-based violence in school is catcalling in the hallways, boys intimidating girl to get into their ‘gender-roll’, gender-based slurs or even physical violence. The girls that are targeted, most of the time get targeted because they represent something that is seen as femininity, which could be their body, butt and boobs.

A lot of schools offer help and counseling to their students that have gone through gender-based violence and feel traumatized by it. Some schools even help fill out a report of what has happened. Other schools may help a student get a therapist outside of school. Luckily enough, most schools see that gender-based violence can’t be accepted.

Most of this information is from Teen Vogue, click here to read more on their website about it.

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