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30 Nov ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Did you know that cyberbullying can also take place in online games?

We all know about bullying online, also known as cyberbullying, and that it happens on quite often on social media platforms. But did you also know that it happens while playing online games?

In a recent survey that was conducted with youngsters aged 12 to 26, it was revealed  that one in two youngsters that play games online experience bullying.
Most of them argue that this something quite normal, and that it is just a part of gaming. When someone isn’t good at the game or behaves in a manner that ‘annoys’ other players, they will often be subjected to severe bullying and even threats. It is not unusual for players to receive menacing messages along the lines of : ‘I hope that your parents die’, or ‘I am coming to kill you’.

It is important for parents to be aware that this happening online and to take precautionary measures, including, whenever possible, limiting the time their children spend online.

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