‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

26 Oct ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Did you know that elderly abuse and neglect is becoming more and more frequent?

Many elderly people are often abused and neglected in their own homes, in relatives’ homes and even in care homes where professional workers are taking care of them.

There are multiple forms of elderly abuse, such as:

  1. Physical – intentional use of force against an elderly person, who can’t really defend himself/herself.
  2. Emotional – which can involve humiliating or ignoring the person.
  3.  Sexual – involving sexual acts or contact with the elder without their consent.
  4. Neglect or abandonment – when relatives or caretakers don’t listen to the elder’s needs and fail to take good care of them.
  5.  Financial – when the elder is being denied access to finances.
  6. Healthcare fraud and abuse – denying the elder adequate access to healthcare, by spending their money on other goods/services.

It is important to look out for warning signs of abuse and contact the police or 179 to report it.

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