‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

12 Oct ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Have you ever heard about family therapy?

So you probably know about individual therapy, but have you ever head about family therapy? It is therapy, but then with your family.

When you are born you have a family you will most likely spend the whole of your life with. They help shape and build who you become, in both the positive and negative ways. What you also learn from them is how to love and how to interact with other people from your and based on your relationship with your family. But sometimes we are born into a dysfunctional family, or a family with dysfunctional behaviours and when you grow up around these behaviours, you will start to pick up on them and so will probably the rest of your family.

Then, to learn differently together with your family, family therapy could help with this. While it is hard to change your habits, it is not unchangeable, and together with your family it is even easier to work on it. Family therapy offers a way for families to do so and develop a healthy and functional family.

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