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07 Sep ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Have you ever heard of “Roasting”?

Roasting is term that has been around for a long time. It means a severe criticism or reprimand on something or someone. Sometimes roasting is meant as helpful criticism or just to get a laugh, but sometimes, it is also used to hurt someone’s feelings.

It is very popular on TV : lots of B-list celebrities get roasted for their singing or acting, just to get a good laugh. It is also used with reference to bachelor and bachelorette parties. But now, it is also becoming a trend with children, who are asking others to roast them via social media, by using the hashtag #roastme.

To some, roasting might seem meaningless and harmless, but as Debra Pepler, a bullying and healthy relationship expert, argues, it might be another example of children craving attention from their parents and others around them.

In addition, there is a  risk is that it may turn into cyberbullying. Debra Pepler claims that roasting can be a form of cyberbullying, because the person commenting is in a position of power. Roasting could also cause anxiety, sorrow and pain in the person being roasted. Roasting could have a  really negative impact on the self-esteem of a child, no matter if the comments are asked for or not.

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