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04 May ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Robbery and its effects

A robbery is when someone takes another person’s/ other people’s property with violence or threats. Robbery commonly occurs in the street or another public place, such as a hotel, a bus, the metro. When confronted by robbers, victims commonly fear for one’s personal safety; they may feel helpless; confused about what to do or how to respond to the robbers’ demands; angry at having to surrender money or goods; or concerned that the robber may remember them. Physical reactions include freezing and trembling.

In the weeks, months, years following the crime, victims often grapple with feelings of anger towards the robbers or the authorities, helplessness for not being able to do more, guilt, frustration, fear, vulnerability and apprehension.

Robbery is a common crime and anybody can fall victim to it. In the US it is the second most committed violent crime, and in 2010 367,832 incidents, the equivalent of 30 percent of violent crime, were recorded.

If you have suffered robbery and would like to access our support services, give us a call on 2122 8333 or email us on info@victimsupport.org.mt. You are not alone.


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