‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

02 Feb ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Did you know ?

In 2015, the No Hate Speech Movement campaign made an online survey to collect young people’s experiences and opinions about online hate speech. The survey was answered by 6601 people.

Some of the findings were :

– 83% of the respondents have encountered online hate speech (on internet, Facebook, forum).

– The 3 groups most often targeted are LGBT, Muslims and Women.

– Some 70% believes that human rights should apply online like they apply offline.

– 16%-32% Roma and 19%-32% People of African origin, were victims of assault, threat or serious harassment with a perceived racist motive.

– 25 % LGTB people : Experienced violence, with the figure rising to one in three for transgender people.

– Up to 33% Jewish people : Personnaly experienced verbal or physical antisemitic violence.

Curious to know more? Click here for more information.


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