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09 Dec ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

What does the general public think of gender-based violence?

Recently, the EU Commission published a report focusing on public opinion about gender-based violence. Around 30.000 EU citizens across the Union were interviewed, and asked targeted questions aimed at uncovering their perceptions and views on the issue.

It emerged that more than a quarter of Europeans believe that there are several extenuating circumstances justifying rape. Being drunk or using drugs, wearing provocative or revealing clothing, and going home voluntarily with someone after a party were often cited as circumstances where sex without consent was justified.

Moreover, in some countries, including Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia the idea that ‘violence against women is often provoked by the victim or that women often make up or exaggerate claims of abuse or rape’ is still widespread. 

Read the report & factsheet for Malta here.


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