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21 Oct ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Gender and rape

When talking sexual assault and rape, the tendency is to think of the victim as female and the perpetrator as male. This has more to do with statistics and international data, than with our gendered beliefs of women as meek and men as domineering. It is a fact that one in three women and girls worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. 

Despite the staggering evidence, it would be a mistake to assume that men and boys are not victims of sexual assault and rape. In 2014, police crime figures for England and Wales recorded 38,134 incidents of rape or sexual assault of women and 3,580 against men. It is estimated that millions of men have been victims of rape in the US, with 1 in 10 out of every rape victim being male.

As argued by Survivors UK, a male-only victim support group, one of the biggest challenges is getting boys and men to speak up and report.  Social stigma often prevents many to reach out to the authorities.

If have suffered sexual assault or rape and need help, get in touch with us via email info@victimsupport.org.mt or phone 21228333


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