Author: Isotta, PR & Projects Coordinator

05 Jul ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

What is FGM? Female genital mutilation (FGM) includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. FGM has a variety of health implications, including severe bleeding, problems urinating, cysts, infections, complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths. Since...

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22 Jun ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

Restorative justice is a movement or practice whereby the victim, offender and affected members of the community are directly involved in responding to the material, physical, social, psychological and relational injuries cause by crime.  Restorative justice methods are being implemented in several countries worldwide, including in...

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08 Jun ‘Did you know?’ Thursdays

What is the relationship between the brain and crime? Research shows that in numerous instances neurological impairment can generate violent and criminal behaviour. The frontal lobe is responsible for thought, personality, behaviour and word choice. Several types of brain injury, particularly those affecting this part of the...

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